Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why am I so hungry in the morning?

Well, beyond the obvious fact that your stomach has been empty for several hours, it can be only one other thing. Eating a lot before you go to bed. If you go to bed after a big meal, your stomach is stretched a bit, and in the morning will remain so. As a result, more surface area and more room for food. Your stomach will demand the same quantity of food that you had the night before because it is still the same size.

Women, help your men get rid of that gut!

I know a few men who are not even beer drinkers and have a tremendous gut. What is so unappealing is that they are skinny and it looks so unbalanced. But heavier men just hide it better, so either way the gut is still there, and is quite uninteresting to gaze at and worse, get in the bed with.

Women, don't let your men get to that point. It is due to a lack of excercise and the large amounts of beverages they drink: soda, beer, coffee. Soda is addicting on many levels and it will be hard to find a substitute at first. He will deny he is addicted and will just say it is old age. It means he must work now because his metablolism is not like it used be when he was in his 20's. Tell him the daily walks to the 'fridge to the couch, then to the bed is just not enough. Tell him raising a soda can does nothing for his biceps. Take him for a walk around the block and make it a daily ritual.

Most men forget about maintaining their sex appeal as they get older. Some men have to work hard at it, some are just lucky but most men are lazy and don't care. Remember: Behind every man with a gut, is a woman who is starting to lose interest. It is up to you to help him realize.

Even though he may not show it, he will know you're right and he will appreciate the concern you have for him. Don't wait until it gets to a point where you are both so beyond caring about each other's health. Don't wait until something bad happens and then forced to do it. Be proactive, not reactive. The goal is stay as healthy as you can for as long as you can.

Summer is finally here, don't overeat at the BBQ

During the summer we tend to overeat at family BBQ's. There is always an abundance of burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, soda and beer. Overeating is a common event because of the comfort foods that go down way to easily.

Two things almost always occur at the family BBQ.

1. You will overeat to the point where you can't eat anymore and will feel very uncomfortable. Now if you are drinking a beer or having some wine, most likely your interest to continue will cease. As a result, the party is over and you just want to go home and go to bed. If not, you will wait for digestion to kick in so there is more room for the dessert course, and do the overeating process all over again.

2. You will overeat to the point where you can't eat anymore and will feel very uncomfortable. If you do want to continue to enjoy some beer or wine and maintain your buzz, you will have to drink so much more to maintain it. You will never really be able to keep up and will continue to feel disgustingly full and even more bloated. As a result, the party is over and you just want to go home and go to bed. If not, you will wait for digestion to kick in so there is more room for the dessert course, and do the overeating process all over again.

In either case, you will eventually go home and feel tired, full and the feeling will last many hours while you sleep it off.

The family bbq is a test of our will power and usually can be a breaking point. Try to think ahead and the yucky feeling you will get after you overeat. Try to eat small portions and not go up for seconds. If there is a salad, subsitute that for the second hot dog or a hamburger. Don't worry about the cheese on the burger at this point, avoiding your third hot dog is the main concern here.

If you are drinking wine or beer, maintain your buzz by eating much less. You will feel so much better and your night can be much more enjoyable. A bbq is a social event, don't let hog dogs and hamburgers ruin it for you. You have the power to control your intake, so utilize it and the result will gain you many rewards.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Diets Don't Work: Counting Calories

People are obsessed with counting calories. A nice evening out can turn into a comedy show as the dieter will spend countless minutes trying to figure out what to order. The friends and family wait patienly as they refer to their charts and perform calculations on their calorie counters or mobile dieting apps. Then the poor waitress must endure a barrage of questions and special requests when he/she arrives to take the meal orders.

Calorie counting is too cumbersome for dieters to deal with. It becomes a chore for them at the restaurant and at the supermarket. This new way of life can take the pleasure out of daily tasks and evenings out. Even dinner at the neighbors can be awkward, where there will be no nutrition labels or calorie guides. The dieter may risk being offensive by asking how the food was made or scurrying off to the guest computer to look up the main course for an accurate calorie count.

Calorie counting is the biggest scam that commercial diet companies use to market their weight loss techniques. It takes away from the decision making process of the individual. Instead of using common sense to know that a head of lettuce is healthier for you than a cheesburger.

Why diet soda is no good

Diet soda other than the sugar has the same unpleasant ingredients than regular soda has. If you read my previous post about soda, you will know that people who drink soda are missing out on essential minerals even water provides more of.

Diet soda contains the same unnatural ingredients such as artificial flavorings and colorings and other fillers.

You will most likely drink more diet soda than you would regular soda because you think it is better for you.


Diet soda contains aspartame, a bio-engineered chemical that can react with your body in a negative way. If you google diet soda and aspartame, you will be presented with nothing but warnings about the product. It would behoove you to visit some of the sites.


Diet foods are a copout: The same quantities are consumed compared to regular foods, and this does not do much in the way of...

cutting down
eating less
stomach shrinkage
and most of all
will power

A solution to a very serious problem!

SODA SODA SODA is the problem. Soda is addicting, soda is sweet and rots your teeth, soda is comprised of about 6 teaspoons of sugar, soda has no redeeming qualities. Your body is better off without it. Obviously.

Why is soda addicting? It is sweet and the carbonation masks it. As a result, it goes down easy. It is cold and refreshing (not) and goes great with any meal. But in reality, it is the devil in disguise. Why?

Soda is made with distilled water, and that means it goes through a process where impurities are removed. It has fewer minerals in it than tap water and as a result is anti-corrosive and can be used for many things. You can drink distilled water, but health officials advise against it. It lacks certain minerals that can be a benefit to the human body. Since many folks drink soda as a substitute for water or other liquids, and are not getting enough nutrients.

Soda has way too much sugar in it. You would not drink the soda if it was not carbonated. Try putting 6 or 7 teaspoons of sugar in 12 ounces of water and taste it. Nasty. Just think what the body has to go through when it is suddenly bombarded with all the sugar. Throughout the day your body will be going through so many sugar highs and lows. The result is fatigue, sluggishness and a downright yucky feeling.

Folks who drink soda have a higher chance of developing diabetes and being overweight. Bone density is also affected as a result of the lack of nutrients and because soda is very oxidative, corroding whatever it comes in contact with. We'll discuss all the bad ingredients in another post.

So what is the solution? It is very simple and is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family!

Drink Water!!

What are your guilty times during the day?

What are your guilty times during the day? Think about what you do in the morning and what you have for breakfast. Maybe you will make a cup of coffee or wait and pick it up on the way to work. You may prepare a bagel at home or go to the deli. What about the egg sandwich that you are so used to having in the morning.

Now on to lunch. Your coworkers often take an office poll to see what fast food joint to go to, or maybe take an order for the deli. The fax will spit out a special from one of the local deli's nearby. Chances are you don't bring your lunch to work and haven't in a long time.

After lunch you will struggle to stay awake as the body must process all the savory foods that you ate. How do you deal with this? Do you go for the coffee machine and pour yourself a cup or to the fridge to get a can of soda. The cup of coffee or can of soda will become your crutch, helping you to stay alert, so you are not a bobble head for the rest of the day.

It does not take long to figure out your guilty times. Should you write them down? No, because you are very aware of them and they are a part of your schedule. An everyday ritual that has become part of your life. Keep thinking about your guilty times and wonder if you can get through the day without a few of them?