Sunday, June 19, 2011

Women, help your men get rid of that gut!

I know a few men who are not even beer drinkers and have a tremendous gut. What is so unappealing is that they are skinny and it looks so unbalanced. But heavier men just hide it better, so either way the gut is still there, and is quite uninteresting to gaze at and worse, get in the bed with.

Women, don't let your men get to that point. It is due to a lack of excercise and the large amounts of beverages they drink: soda, beer, coffee. Soda is addicting on many levels and it will be hard to find a substitute at first. He will deny he is addicted and will just say it is old age. It means he must work now because his metablolism is not like it used be when he was in his 20's. Tell him the daily walks to the 'fridge to the couch, then to the bed is just not enough. Tell him raising a soda can does nothing for his biceps. Take him for a walk around the block and make it a daily ritual.

Most men forget about maintaining their sex appeal as they get older. Some men have to work hard at it, some are just lucky but most men are lazy and don't care. Remember: Behind every man with a gut, is a woman who is starting to lose interest. It is up to you to help him realize.

Even though he may not show it, he will know you're right and he will appreciate the concern you have for him. Don't wait until it gets to a point where you are both so beyond caring about each other's health. Don't wait until something bad happens and then forced to do it. Be proactive, not reactive. The goal is stay as healthy as you can for as long as you can.

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