Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why diet soda is no good

Diet soda other than the sugar has the same unpleasant ingredients than regular soda has. If you read my previous post about soda, you will know that people who drink soda are missing out on essential minerals even water provides more of.

Diet soda contains the same unnatural ingredients such as artificial flavorings and colorings and other fillers.

You will most likely drink more diet soda than you would regular soda because you think it is better for you.


Diet soda contains aspartame, a bio-engineered chemical that can react with your body in a negative way. If you google diet soda and aspartame, you will be presented with nothing but warnings about the product. It would behoove you to visit some of the sites.


Diet foods are a copout: The same quantities are consumed compared to regular foods, and this does not do much in the way of...

cutting down
eating less
stomach shrinkage
and most of all
will power

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