Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Diets Don't Work: Counting Calories

People are obsessed with counting calories. A nice evening out can turn into a comedy show as the dieter will spend countless minutes trying to figure out what to order. The friends and family wait patienly as they refer to their charts and perform calculations on their calorie counters or mobile dieting apps. Then the poor waitress must endure a barrage of questions and special requests when he/she arrives to take the meal orders.

Calorie counting is too cumbersome for dieters to deal with. It becomes a chore for them at the restaurant and at the supermarket. This new way of life can take the pleasure out of daily tasks and evenings out. Even dinner at the neighbors can be awkward, where there will be no nutrition labels or calorie guides. The dieter may risk being offensive by asking how the food was made or scurrying off to the guest computer to look up the main course for an accurate calorie count.

Calorie counting is the biggest scam that commercial diet companies use to market their weight loss techniques. It takes away from the decision making process of the individual. Instead of using common sense to know that a head of lettuce is healthier for you than a cheesburger.

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